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Wow Factor Photography

Do you want to try exciting creative photography projects? Do you feel like your photography could do with some fun, new challenges?
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About the course

Would you like to try exciting and creative photography projects to widen your portfolio?

Photographers often hit a period when they lack inspiration and struggle to find fresh ideas

And creative photography is one of the best ways to overcome this roadblock.

The best part is that you don’t need expensive training, gear, or studio equipment… to get stunning results.  

I should know. At the beginning of my photography journey, I wasted lots of money on cameras and lenses, trying to get it right. And still, I spent weeks of time producing lacklustre images.

But through my years of experimentation, I’ve developed dozens of shortcuts for creative photography.

And I filmed this creative photography project course to share them with you.

“Wow Factor Photography” is a 30 day photography project video course, on the art of photo creativity. It shows you how to capture world-class creative images without being a pro photographer, and in the comfort of your home.

I will walk you through 30 different “creative challenges”, using everyday household items, easy-to-get and cheap props and the camera you already own.

Get “Wow factor Photography” today. Try out the course for a full three months. If you aren’t blown away by how simple the videos are to follow… or how fantastic your pictures are after using the ideas… shoot me an email. You’ll get every penny of your money back. No hassles and no questions asked.

After completing Wow Factor Photography…

You will have 30 new, unique and exciting photos in your portfolio that will WOW all your friends and family.

You’ll be a better, more exciting and more excited photographer.

If you want to bring your portfolio to life without spending fortunes… And you want to connect with photography in a new way…

Sign up today! Start taking some of the most vibrant and vivid photos you will be proud to show off… from the comfort of your home!

Course Details

5 Hours
30 Lectures
1131 Students
Beginner Level

About the Author

Dorka Kardos

The 30 Day Creative Photography Project

  • Day 1 - Spiral Light Photography
  • Day 2 - High Speed Photography
  • Day 3 - Light Trail Photography
  • Day 4 - Long Exposure Daytime
  • Day 5 - Light Graffiti
  • Day 6 - Macro Photography
  • Day 7 - Crystal Ball Photography
  • Day 8 - Colourful Waterdrops
  • Day 9 - Custom Bokeh
  • Day 10 - Oil & Water
  • Day 11 - Photo Montage
  • Day 12 - Photoelasticity
  • Day 13 - Steel Wool Photography
  • Day 14 - Transferring Photos Onto Wood
  • Day 15 - Bubble Photography
  • Day 16 - Harris Shutter Effect
  • Day 17 - Slow Sync Flash
  • Day 18 - Smoke Photography
  • Day 19 - Water Droplet Photography
  • Day 20 - Water Splash Photography
  • Day 21 - Chain Link Cut Out
  • Day 22 - Day to Night Photography
  • Day 23 - Double Exposure
  • Day 24 - Hidden Camera Mirror Trick
  • Day 25 - Miniature Globe Panorama
  • Day 26 - Multiplicity Photography
  • Day 27 - Picasso Style Cross Section Portrait
  • Day 28 - The Droste Effect
  • Day 29 - Tilt Shift Photography
  • Day 30 - Time-Lapse


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$299 $499
40% off!
Offer expires
5 Hours
30 Lectures
1131 Students
Beginner Level